The Truth of My Shadow Side

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I had to admit I didn’t believe in God before I could begin to believe in God.

I realize that doesn’t even really make sense. But it’s the truth.

I grew up in the church but had “a hard fall from faith.” That’s usually what I tell people, even now, when I need to give a cursory overview of my spiritual journey. The reality, though, is that I didn’t believe in God for most of my adulthood, perhaps even for much of my childhood.

For a long time – decades — I didn’t admit that to anyone, most especially to myself.

I went through the motions of faith: I went to church and confession. I prayed, sort-of. But all the while I was pretending. I’d erected my fake belief as a façade, like one of those false storefronts in a ramshackle Old West town. Behind that façade was the real me, falling apart slowly, brick by brick.

Wild in the Hollow…Today I’m over at Amber Haines’ place. Amber has a new book out, a memoir called Wild in the Hollow, which I highly, highly recommend. It’s raw, truthful and beautifully written, and if you love spiritual memoirs like I do, this one is a definite must-read. Come on over to Amber’s place for the rest of my guest post about truth, and while you’re there, introduce yourself to Amber and learn more about her book. 

Weekend One Word: Growing

Knowledge and Understanding

I tend to be pretty good at learning about God but not so great at knowing God himself. Knowledge is one thing, but understanding is something else entirely – it’s a deeper, fuller knowing, moving from an arm’s length distance into a more authentic, real relationship. To move beyond simple knowledge to true understanding requires opening ourselves up to being vulnerable, available and connected.

So…my prayer for you and me, today and beyond: May we continue to allow ourselves to be transformed. May we invite God into that deep, innermost part of ourselves. May we grow from knowledge to understanding, from distance to real relationship with him. Amen.


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