When You Are Called Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Hildegard of Bingen

It was Day One. I sat at my desk, a typed list of 50 women at my side, my laptop open in front of me. I was ready, poised to embark on an eight-month research and writing project for a book about women in Christian history.

I glanced at the first woman on my list – Hildegard of Bingen: 1098-1179 – and paused. The twelfth century. What even happened back in the twelfth century, anyway? I wondered. Wracking my brain, I struggled to unearth deeply buried facts from my high school European history class. Was that when the Vikings lived? Or wait, maybe it was when the Crusades took place? Although I seem to recall something about a Norman invasion, too.

Turns out, I was a century off on all three accounts.

As I sat hunched over my laptop, my hands wrapped around a warm mug, doubts ping-ponged around my head.

Clearly I was not the right person for this job.

Cleary I wasn’t smart enough, historyish enough or researchy enough to write this book well.

Clearly the publisher had made a grave mistake in contracting me, the woman who didn’t know word one about history, to write a history book.

I wanted to quit, even before I’d begun.

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Weekend One Word: New



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And a quiet reminder, friends? I’d love to hear your story of the woman who has most influenced your faith journey. Would you consider blogging about her and entering your story into the #MyFaithHeroine contest? Entries must be submitted by October 22 – details here.  Sign up to receive posts by email {and get 3 free […]

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