Tell the Truth as You Understand It


“So I’m halfway through your book,” she says, as we stand next to the coffee percolator and the table piled high with double chocolate muffins. We chat for a bit about my memoir, and initially I feel pleased, but a few minutes later, after she’s turned away to refill her Styrofoam cup, panic clenches deep in the pit of my stomach.

I’m struck by the awkwardness of the situation. After all, I am about to interview this woman for a ministry position at my church, and it’s clear she knows more about me – a lot more about me – than I do about her. Worse, though, I suddenly feel anxious and insecure.

Scenes from my book flash through my mind, like the one in which I launch a fist-full of crunched up Cheez-Its at my young son in a fit of pre-bedtime lunacy.

Or the scene in which I mercilessly judge another woman, seething with envy over the fact that she looks like Gwyneth Paltrow in her name-brand jeans and her perfectly coiffed hair while I, in my droopy-bum yoga pants and my pilly fleece sweatshirt, resemble an out-of-shape version of Richard Simmons.

…I’m super excited that Spiritual Misfit is being featured by (in)courage as a Recommended Read, and we’re doing a giveaway over there today! Come by (in)courage for the rest of the story…

Weekend One Word: Planted


Sharing with Sandy’s and Lisha’s weekend communities.

Awkward and Isolated No More {I am a Spiritual Misfit series}

Country Church

I met today’s Misfit writer Susan Stilwell last year at Allume, and I was immediately smitten with her easy, laid-back demeanor and her heart for God. Susan is one of those people with whom you instantly feel comfortable – she has a gift for putting people at ease. I love, too, what Susan says in her […]

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When You Find Jesus Where You’d Least Expect {I am a Spiritual Misfit Series}


I’m  grateful to have gotten to know this week’s featured writer, Kelly Greer, during an online writing group hosted by (in)courage. Kelly and I really click in a misfitty way. When I read her story, all I could think about was the first time I attended church under a backyard tent at a family reunion […]

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When One Small Question Changes Everything


Truthfully, a Saint Paul-like conversion would have been a heck of a lot easier. What’s not to like about falling over in the middle of the road, hearing the voice of God bellowing loud and clear from the heavens and then dusting oneself off and resuming life as a convicted believer? It’s quick, it’s obvious […]

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One Globetrotter’s Desperate Search for Home {and a giveaway of Emily Wierenga’s memoir Atlas Girl!}

I am so delighted to welcome my good friend Emily Wierenga here today. I don’t even know how to begin to describe Emily – she is one of the sweetest, most genuine, most faith-full people I have ever met. I began reading her blog years ago and was immediately smitten with her deeply poetic voice […]

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You Might Be a Spiritual Misfit If… {and Enter the #IAmaSpiritualMisfit Contest!}

MD_ConvergentImage_AuthorSite_2 (2)

  1.     “Christianese” makes you want to head for the hills. 2.     You ask “why?” more than a four-year-old at bedtime. 3.     You church shop as often as you grocery shop. … Hop over to the Convergent blog for the top 11 signs that YOU might be a spiritual misfit. AND Share Your Spiritual Misfit Story […]

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When a Small Sacrifice Makes a Big Impact


“Ten Things God Wants You to Remember.” That’s what was written on the front side of the card, along with a list: “I am for you. I love you. I believe in you. I will not fail you. I will be with you. I will provide for you. I will bless you. I will give […]

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Why You Need to Take a Real Vacation {without Email, Smartphones, Tweets and Likes}


We need to get away. I mean really away. Away from the siren call of our laptops and tablets. Away from the urge to check our Facebook page “just one more time,” in case we missed anything. {You didn’t. I promise.} Away from the Twitter stream scrolling like a Wall Street ticker tape. Away from […]

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Weekend One Word: Overflow


With Sandra and Lisha’s communities.

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