Hear It on Sunday, Use It on Monday: Lost and Found

Several years ago, when my son Noah was just a toddler, he left his beloved Lamby at SuperSaver grocery store. We didn’t realize Lamby was missing until a few hours later. Just as we were tossing coloring books, stickers and baggies of Goldfish into a carry-on bag and getting ready to catch a flight to Florida for our vacation, we discovered the tattered lamb was gone.

It was a crisis of epic proportions.

You should know, if it had been any other stuffed animal, we would have carried on. But this was Lamby. Noah didn’t go anywhere without his dingy, well-loved pet. Lamby could not, would not be left behind.

I’m sharing this story of being lost and found over at Her View from Home…will you meet me over there {but first, link up your own #HearItUseIt post below!}…

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    • Michelle says

      And thanks for jumping over to Her View from Home to read the rest of the story – it was lovely to see you over there, Judith.

  1. says

    You made those old parables come alive with a story I think every parent can relate to.

    And I’m so glad you like the new site! Since I don’t do photos, I needed something that would stand up on its own.


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